• The Ministry of Commerce and Industry has developed a new system to process non-Qatari investment applications through the online submission of required forms.
  • According to Companies Law No. 11 of 2015, companies incorporated in Qatar include the following legal entities: a limited liability company; a limited liability company owned by one person; a limited liability partnership; a joint liability company; a public joint stock company; and a private joint stock company.
    • There are three special economic zones in Qatar:
    • Ras Bufontas:
    • An area of 4 km² next to Doha’s new Hamad International Airport, Ras Bufontas is ideally situated for logistic services and related industries.
    • Um Alhoul:
    • An area of 3 km², Um Alhoul is situated next to Hamad Port, and Mesaieed Industrial Zone. It is ideal for various industrial sectors and marine and industrial logistic products. For more details, please visit www.fza.gov.qa
    • Al Karaana:
    • Located midway between Doha and Abu Samra border crossing with Saudi Arabia, this special economic zone consists of two separate plots of land with a total area of 44 km 2.
    • Mesaieed Industrial Zone:
    • Strategically Located next to Industrial City and only 40 km south of Doha, Mesaieed Industrial Zone, is a hub for many industries such oil refining, petrochemicals, fertilizers, workshops and primary building material. For more details please visit: www.manateq.qa
  • Under Qatari Investment Law No. 1 of 2019, any non-Qatari investor may invest in all sectors except banks, insurance companies, commercial agencies or any other field as per a decision by the Council of Ministers.
  • There is no minimum capital. The required capital depends on the size of the project to be established in Qatar.
  • Following the approval of the competent department at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of a non-Qatari investment project, the investor can proceed with the project after obtaining the commercial registration and license from relevant authorities
  • Non-Qatari investors should obtain the necessary licenses for some activities as required.
    • • A land can be allocated for a foreign investment project by way of use or renewable rent
    • • A non-Qatari investor may import necessary goods to launch, operate or expand his projects
    • • A non-Qatari investor may be exempted from income tax
    • • A non-Qatari investment project is exempted from customs fees on the imports of necessary machinery and equipment.
    • • The Council of Ministers may offer incentives and other benefits for investment projects after on the Minister’s proposal.
    • Other Privileges:
    • • Non-Qatari investments shall not be directly or indirectly subject to expropriation or other similar actions, unless such actions are undertaken for the public good and in a non-discriminatory manner
    • • A non-Qatari investor is free to transfer all his investments from and to Qatar without delay
    • • Transfers shall be made in any convertible currency.
    • • A non-Qatari investor may transfer the ownership of his investment to any other investor or relinquish it in favor of a national partner in case of a joint venture.
    • The investor may visit the following entities to inquire about industrial areas or any other technical issues:
    • • Ministry of Commerce and Industry - www.moci.gov.qa
    • • Manateq Company - www.manateq.qa
  • A non-Qatari investor may apply for more than one project in authorized sectors in line with Law No. 1 of 2019
  • Pursuant to Investment Law No. 1 of 2019, a non-Qatari investor may invest up to 100 percent of the project capital across all economic sectors.
  • No fees shall be charged by the Invest in Qatar Center until after a Ministerial Decision is issued and the incorporation process begins.
  • After obtaining approval / securing a ministerial decision for a non-Qatari investment project, the investor can kick off incorporation procedures.
  • A non-Qatari investor may apply for more than one activity related to the existing project.
  • A non-Qatari investor may apply for amendments using the specific form on the Ministry's website.
  • The Invest in Qatar Center at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is responsible for answering investors’ inquiries.
  • A non-Qatari investor wishing to establish an investment project in any of the permitted sectors must open an account with a bank operating in Qatar.
  • The Invest in Qatar Center does not provide any financial support. The Center is a service provider that seeks to facilitate and streamline non-Qatari investment applications leading to a ministerial decision.
  • Various financial institutions in Qatar offer financing including banks whom investors can contact directly.
  • A decision pertaining to the application shall be issued within fifteen days from the date of receiving the required documents, and the concerned party shall be notified. If the investor does not receive a response within fifteen days, the application shall be considered rejected.
  • A person whose application has been rejected may appeal the decision of the Minister of Commerce and Industry within fifteen days from the date of being informed of the decision or from the date that the application is considered rejected.
  • The Minister shall decide on the appeal within 30 days from the date of its submission. If no decision is issued during this period, it shall be considered an implicit rejection of the appeal and the decision of the Minister will be final.

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