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Before you launch your business, you should develop several skills and gain the knowledge that qualifies you to manage your business successfully and overcome the challenges that may face you. In order to do so, you need to be well-educated so as to go forward steadily to achieve your business goals. Your best source of information is specialized sources in the business world.

Firstly: Books

Following are the best books that you may need before you launch your own business. You can start downloading and reading them to gain the necessary knowledge.

The First Book: The Little Red Book of Selling

All entrepreneurs need to have sufficient knowledge in terms of selling and marketing their products. Even if your business employs salesmen or one of the partners is managing sales, they still need to know the methodology of the sale process. This book provides readers with a comprehensive overview of the general mechanism of the sales cycle of any business. This book is easy to read and serves as a reference when required.

The Second Book: Good Luck:  Creating the Conditions for Success in Life and Business

This book is considered a source of motivation for those who desire to establish their own companies. The book is easy to read and provides you with the necessary knowledge to launch your business. The book also guides readers into investing their efforts in a life plan.

The Third Book: Business Model Generation

It is considered one of the most important basic references for entrepreneurs to establish a business model, as it is co-authored by 470 specialists in the business field from 45 different countries. It dives deeper into different business models in order to provide sufficient insight for readers to help them understand the traditional, modern, and developed models.

The book provides the basic tools needed to establish successful business models, in addition to all the information needed to launch a business. The book is characterized by clear illustrations and serves as a comprehensive manual for creating business models.

The Fourth Book: The Lean Startup

This book is considered a real encyclopedia amongst the different entrepreneurship books. It is authored by Eric Ries, and discusses the methods of developing cost efficient products. The author summarizes the method for establishing businesses using five initial steps which are: establishment, finding entrepreneurs, business organization and management, accurately setting ideas, improving education and creativity. It is a distinctive book in business idea organization and illustrates how to minimize resource expenditure during the business implementation phase.

The Fifth Book: Who

It is a leading book in the field of entrepreneurship, and is authored by Jeff Smart & Randy Street. The book contains all the information needed to establish businesses as well as a breakdown of the different methodologies.

The book’s authors also outline the amount of losses a company may incur if it employs inexperienced staff

Secondly: Sources

On the other hand, there is a wide array of specialized magazines and websites that entrepreneurs can look up before establishing their business, which provides them with all the information related to the world of entrepreneurship. 


This magazine is one of the most famous international magazines established more than 30 years ago.  

The first edition was issued in English to teach young entrepreneurs how to initiate and manage a business, yet has evolved into one that encompasses different aspects of the business world.

It is of significant interest to entrepreneurs as it is their main source for indentifying the latest strategies and information affecting the world of finance and business, as well as strategies relating to marketing, management, and technology.

In addition to articles, the magazine includes interviews with renowned entrepreneurs from across the world.

All Business

The website was established in 1999, with its headquarters located in San Bruno, California and is considered the largest electronic database in the world of start-ups and small businesses rich in advice needed to explore the world of entrepreneurship.

The website also promotes a culture of entrepreneurship. 

Young entrepreneurs and small business owners are invited to visit this website daily, as it provides the basic tools, resources and information needed to develop, finance and manage business enterprises and other professional services.


This tool helps entrepreneurs find the most valued followers and engage them on different social media platforms.  Therefore, it is deemed a very important tool when it comes to targeting the right audience, who will then start following you and discussing your trademark.

Ad Spend Calculator

Sooner or later, you will have to spend money on your marketing plan including purchasing advertisements. This calculator helps you make the appropriate decision and to determine whether the cost of advertisements is consistent with the nature of your business or not.


This website is full of free products and tools that would help you build your business. The founders of the website note that it is  one of the best sources for entrepreneurs who want to raise the number of their social media followers and attract more fans.


Do you want to know what customers and people with interest in your business share on the internet? If you seek such information, this magnificent tool will help you determine which content is performing best on a specific website or area. You may also obtain important information if you are searching for a distinctive name for your business.

SquareSpace Logo

You will certainly need a distinctive logo for your business. This website provides a free tool to help you design your first logo. While, this might not be your best logo, it will be simple and distinctive, and most importantly designed for free.

How to Start a Startup

This website consists of a series of lectures produced in 2014 at Stanford University by Sam Altman, Head of Y Combinator company. The website provides lectures and reading materials needed for start-ups, in addition to  Podcasts.


This website helps you set up your business plan in order to initiative and implement your project.

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