Business Sectors in Qatar

Industry Sector

Qatar’s industry sector represents a strategic pillar of sustainable development through its contribution to the diversification of national income sources and its role in reducing dependence on oil. The sector also meets a large part of the society’s needs, promote its continuous development and adds value to national resources. Companies have focused on small and medium-sized industries to replace an increasing share of imports, and to create an infrastructure suitable for the industry sector in the country.

Construction Sector

The construction sector is a key contributor to employment and economic growth. Banks have been increasingly financing this sector in recent years. While the Qatari economy continues to grow, the country is investing heavily in infrastructure development, particularly in projects related to the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Trade Sector

The trade sector represents the voluntary exchange of goods and/or services. Trade usually involves the exchange of goods between only two parties (bilateral trade) or between more than two parties (multilateral trade).

Agriculture Sector

The agriculture sector is a key productive sector of the economy. Its importance lies in providing the food needs of the society and achieving self-sufficiency in this field, which has become one of the most important fields related to the well-being of society and securing its necessary needs.

Investment and Banks

Financial institutions are specialized economic institutions that operate in the management of funds, in terms of savings and loans or purchase and sale transactions, facilitating financial transactions and achieving balance between money supply and demand. These institutions include banks, saving funds, investment houses, insurance companies and stock exchanges.

Tourism Sector

The tourism sector relates to all leisure travel services and the promotion of tourism in a country through various available and potential promotional activities. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the tourist is a person traveling for at least 80 kilometers from his/her home.

The tourism industry has changed over the years. Its branches have overlapped and it has become one of the most diverse, vital and productive sectors. The industry has expanded beyond the concept of a tourist traveling with a small bag to spend several nights in a hotel in a certain country and stroll through the country’s archaeological monuments.

Service Sector

The service sector is one of the most vital sectors of the economy because it meets the needs of citizens and residents, impacts their welfare and satisfies their demands. It is also an active sector that is rapidly developing, such as telecommunications services.

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