After Sales Service

After sales service

Its importance, advantages and implementation methods


Nowadays, most companies are making significant efforts and spending large sums of money to attract new customers. But as long as the company is unable to implement effective strategies to retain its existing customers, it will not be able to achieve success! Hence, it is very important for companies to maintain a good brand reputation among its customers and should welcome feedback to improve the company’s standing and sustainability.

On the other hand, many companies focus on training their employees to ensure customer satisfaction by providing a smooth and fast sales process, as well as by offering different gifts and discounts. However, most companies overlook a good after sales service, which leads many customers to purchase competitor products in the market to ensure they obtain the appropriate service.

What is an after sales service?

The after sales service is aimed at ensuring customer satisfaction with the products or services provided by the company. This service should meet all customer requirements and even exceed their expectations to ensure positive feedback, which in turn will enhance the brand of the company and its products.

Advantages of providing after sales service to customers:

  • Gain customer loyalty: Providing the right services in the right way will ensure that customers return to buy more of your products.
  • After sales service plays a key role in enhancing the relationship between the company and its customers.
  • Customers who are satisfied and pleased with the services provided to them refer new customers, which of course is in the company’s interest and translates into more revenues.

Methods to provide an after sales service:

  • A simple call can be made a few days after the product is sold to inquire about the customer’s satisfaction with the product. This simple step will show customers that the company is committed to providing a good service.
  • Set up suggestion and complaint boxes to help customers clarify the problems they face when using a product.
  • Collect customer feedback, ask for their rating of the product and their suggestions on improving it. This shows customers that the company is committed to providing the best service to its customers. This would help the company learn more about its customers and introduce changes to satisfy them.
  • Rewarding loyal customers is a very important step as they provide an important reference for other new customers.
  • Communicate with customers from time to time to see if they want to try any of the company’s other products.
  • Ask customers to sign an annual maintenance contract (AMC) with your company. This contract is an agreement between the company and the customer whereby after-sales services are provided to the second party for a certain period at a symbolic cost.
  • Exchange Policies should be transparent and serve the customer’s interests. Customers who want to exchange a product should be treated as if they were purchasing the product for the first time.

Despite the simplicity of these methods, they are still effective when it comes to ensuring customer; not to mention that these methods are inexpensive and will benefit companies without incurring additional costs to attract new customers.

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