Third step: The stage of completing the logo design

Third step:  The stage of completing the logo design

Creating the final draft

After completing all the previous steps, you need to execute the final logo. You can do that yourself or seek help from an expert in the field.

  • Learn how to use a graphic design software. “Adobe Illustrator” is the most common software, but you can also use “Inkscape”, because the latter can be downloaded free via the Internet.
  • Seek help from an expert and professional in graphic design software.
  • You can visit the websites of professionals in this field to see their work and their most important achievements, as you need to choose a person specialized in designing logos.
  • Ask about the time it will take to design the final version of the logo upon assigning the job.
  • Know the cost of the logo design. Note that it depends on the design stage of your logo. If you want to seek help from an expert from the early stages of design, then it will cost you more than if you had already completed designing the logo and just wanted to hire an expert to execute it professionally.
  • Check available graphic design services online where you can purchase a logo designed by a professional in this field. Furthermore, you can choose the design you like, and then cooperate with the expert who designed it until the completion of your project.


Continuous listening to feedback

As soon as you have completed designing your logo, you should be ready to receive the feedback about your final design.

  • Use social media, and if your business has a strong presence on the Internet, you can take advantage of this to publish your logo and receive feedback from your followers.
  • Publish the logo on your website. In case you receive negative feedback, it will be easier and cheaper for you to modify the logo before it is printed.
  • Seek more details. If customers believe the logo is “confusing” or illegible, you can ask them for more feedback. Remember that whenever you have the opportunity to learn about the logo before it is printed, it would be easier to introduce amendments without losing money.

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