Create Your Website

If you want to create a professional website from scratch, you will need to acquire a few skills to implement the following simple steps. But before we outline these steps, we offer you an explanation of some of the basics.

A website consists of three basic elements:

  • Domain
  • Hosting
  • Design and a Content Management System


What is a domain?

A domain is simply your website ID. For instance, Google has its own domain,, and Facebook also has its own domain, You can choose a domain for your site that ends with .com, .net., .org or .info among others. However, it is preferable to use a domain that ends with .com or .net because they are the most widely used on the Internet.

How to purchase a domain?

The domain is purchased online using various electronic payment methods, including Visa, Paypal or Master Card; There are specialized companies to book and register a domain name including:


The cost of registering a domain ranges from $ 10 to $ 14, which is paid annually as a renewal fee. In the case of non-renewal after expiration, the user is given a grace period to renew the domain. If the domain owner fails to do so, the domain is reoffered for sale.

What is the difference between a regular domain and a premium domain?

Regular Domain: The domain you choose for your site is available for registration at the usual $ 10-$14 price.

Premium Domain: A domain that is actually registered but available for sale over the Internet at a premium price that could reach hundreds or even thousands of dollars. A premium domain is expensive because it is easy to remember, includes popular keywords and ranks high on search engines.



What is Hosting?

Hosting is where all the data and files of your site are stored. It can be considered a large property development that has been built and equipped by a landlord who rents apartments to those who cannot afford to build a property in exchange for a monthly fee. The owner of the property is responsible for providing protection and periodic maintenance.

This is the case with hosting company that host servers connected to the Internet in more than one location around the world, and then offer you a hosting space for a monthly or yearly payment. If the hosting expires, you have to renew it or you site will go offline.

What are the most popular hosting companies?

There are many Arab and foreign hosting companies.

The most popular Arab hosting companies:

  • Dimofinf
  • Arabhosters

Known global hosting companies

  • Siteground
  • Inmotionhosting
  • Hostgator
  • Bluehost


  1. Shared hosting is used for small sites such as blogs. Large sites require a different and more expensive system of hosting.

2 – If you are not fluent in English, host your website with an Arab hosting company, which would make it easier for you to contact customer service in the event of technical problems. If you are fluent in English, host your website with a foreign company, because they provide higher levels of protection, a stable service and up to 99.9% uptime.


Site Design

The design and content management system are key characteristics of a website. More than one type of design exists in the form of templates that are classified as follows:

Free design

It is the most common type of web site, used by hundreds or even thousands of sites; The site’s design is not unique, but offers a traditional look that visitors are accustomed with.

Paid design

This type offers more features than a free design. It features a special template designed for sale. It is usually not unique to the buyer but also sold on the internet for use by tens of other site owners.

Unique design

This type is specially designed and programmed exclusively for your site. It is customized to serve all your needs but at a very expensive starting price. It distinguishes your site from all others and is used exclusively by you on the internet.

In conclusion, if you want to kick start your website, you can purchase a paid template that is not widely distributed online, or even buy a template and localize it.

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